Conos vs. pellets vs. extracto

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  1. ozan yumrukaya dice:

    Thank you very much about this detailed article. i would like to ask, in whirpooling, what should i think about utilization%. some says 10% but when i check tinseth chart, 5 minutes or less minutes, utilization % less than %10. i know that utilization still goes on because temperature is about 80 degree celcius. i m confused about ibu calculation in whirlpool.

    thank you very much

  2. Elisabeth Wiesen dice:

    Dear Ozan,

    I am sorry, that I am not able to give you an exact answer but the best way to «calculate» your IBU would be to measure them. All calculations are an estimation and also based on experience, as each brewhouse is different and in each brewhouse you can have a different isomerization rate. The utilization is mostly closer to 5% than 10 %.

    I hope, this helps a little.

    Best regards,


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