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(Deutsch) BARTH-HAAS GRANT – Das Hopfen-Stipendium heute und morgen

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The Phenomenon of the Swollen Pellet Foils

Every now and then – luckily very rarely – one can see big aluminum foils filled with hop pellets that are so swollen that one expects the foils to burst at any second. And that could actually happen with the result that the foil pulls in air and the oxygen will spoil the hops. How does this happen?   The main culprit can be quickly identified: heat! It is known that hops don’t like heat (at least... read more

Whole Cone Hops vs. Pellets vs. Extract

First off let’s look at a table where one can see the different yields from the brewhouse into finished beer of different hop products. These yields are based on the resulting amount of bittering compounds (iso-alpha acids) in beer in relationship to the amount of dosed alpha-acids of the hops when brewing beer. One thing is certain; there isn’t any other topic that is so controversially discussed as hop... read more

The bitter truth about bitterness units

Determining the EBC bitterness units in beer is, in itself, very simple: the absorption value of the beer is simply multiplied by 50. The 50 is an empirical value which means that 5/7 of the bitterness comes from the iso-alpha acids, the remainder from other substances. This is often correct for beers in the range of 15-35 bitterness units, but unfortunately not always, because several factors can... read more