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(Deutsch) BARTH-HAAS GRANT – Das Hopfen-Stipendium heute und morgen

Sorry, this entry is only available in... read more

Sustainability and its management

SUSTAINABILITY – In industry, this term has rapidly grown in importance in recent years and is already ever-present today. In conversations with customers and other stakeholders, sooner or later this question arises: “And what about sustainability?” And it’s not all that easy to answer either, because sustainability is highly complex. It’s not simply a question of environmental protection and waste... read more

US vs. German vs Australian Flavour Hops

The two largest growing areas for hops are the United States and Germany. For many years, USA and Germany competed for the “world’s largest hop growing region”, i.e. the largest area of hops grown or “the most hops harvested in the world”, i.e. the amount in metric tons of hops harvested. Australia on the other hand, is one of the smallest hop growing countries in the world and has some famous varieties.... read more

The Phenomenon of the Swollen Pellet Foils

Every now and then – luckily very rarely – one can see big aluminum foils filled with hop pellets that are so swollen that one expects the foils to burst at any second. And that could actually happen with the result that the foil pulls in air and the oxygen will spoil the hops. How does this happen?   The main culprit can be quickly identified: heat! It is known that hops don’t like heat (at least... read more

Hop Market Situation: Hop Harvest 2016

Hops are a natural product. We all know that. But it would still be nice, and most of all helpful, if hops (in particular the one we’re on the hunt for) were always available. Unfortunately that’s not how it works and 2015 in particular proved that you must always be prepared for a bad crop. After the meagre crop in Europe in 2015, merchants’ warehouses were completely emptied and their reserves used up.... read more

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