US vs. German vs Australian Flavour Hops

The two largest growing areas for hops are the United States and Germany. For many years, USA and Germany competed for the “world’s largest hop growing region”, i.e. the largest area of hops grown or “the most hops harvested in the world”, i.e. the amount in metric tons of hops harvested. Australia on the other hand, is one of the smallest hop growing countries in the world and has some famous varieties.... read more

10 must-haves for a extensive hop handling

We put together a variety of tools to make your beer hoppier for almost any situation, whether you are testing new hop varieties, brewing beer, serving beer or drinking it. For all the beer enthusiast, beer brewers or big-time brewer, here are some accessories to make your life just that much hoppier than it already is:   1. Mortar and Pestle Evaluating hops is of great importance to evaluate their... read more

Checklist: This affects your perfect hop aroma

 1. Time of harvest As the title suggests, there are many things that have to be observed in order to recreate a good hop aroma in beer. And it all starts right at the beginning of the “food chain”: each hop variety has only a time window of a few days for harvesting in ideal condition. If you harvest too early, the hop’s aroma hasn’t fully developed (the biogenesis of the hop aroma compounds has been... read more