The Phenomenon of the Swollen Pellet Foils

Every now and then – luckily very rarely – one can see big aluminum foils filled with hop pellets that are so swollen that one expects the foils to burst at any second. And that could actually happen with the result that the foil pulls in air and the oxygen will spoil the hops. How does this happen?   The main culprit can be quickly identified: heat! It is known that hops don’t like heat (at least... read more

How to calculate a hop aroma addition

It’s not rocket science that hop aroma additions are usually done at the end of wort boiling (a few minutes before end of boil). To increase the aroma utilization, some brewers dose their aroma hops even after the boil, into the whirlpool. How to dry hop – that’s another big topic which won’t be discussed this time – we want to focus on calculations. The calculation for late hop dosages in the brewhouse... read more