Whole Cone Hops vs. Pellets vs. Extract

First off let’s look at a table where one can see the different yields from the brewhouse into finished beer of different hop products. These yields are based on the resulting amount of bittering compounds (iso-alpha acids) in beer in relationship to the amount of dosed alpha-acids of the hops when brewing beer. One thing is certain; there isn’t any other topic that is so controversially discussed as hop... read more

The Myth of the Hop – 4 persistent untruths about hops

It’s wonderful that hops have become the subject of so much writing and discussion. It’s just unfortunate that in the process so many (false) myths are being passed on – in countless forums and blogs, on Facebook and even in conversations. So let’s do some spring cleaning and do away with some of these myths:   Myth No. 1: Hops with a particularly fruity aroma are grown in California on former lemon... read more