Hop Market Situation: Hop Harvest 2016

Hops are a natural product. We all know that. But it would still be nice, and most of all helpful, if hops (in particular the one we’re on the hunt for) were always available. Unfortunately that’s not how it works and 2015 in particular proved that you must always be prepared for a bad crop. After the meagre crop in Europe in 2015, merchants’ warehouses were completely emptied and their reserves used up.... read more

The colour green – or why hops ought to be selected in the dark

Green is the colour of hope. The word is derived from the Old High German verb “gruoen”, meaning “to grow”, “to sprout” or “to flourish”. No wonder that hops are green, then. But do they have to be? Does colour tell us anything about quality? What are we looking for in hops? Do they have to look good? Does anyone ever see them, apart from the brewer, his apprentices and the people in the lab? Aren’t the... read more